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Sharing the Love of Jesus

Outreach and Programs

Short-Term Mission Trip

Good News in Honduras

Mother's Day Celebration

Maria's kindergarten class celebrated Mother's Day

She invited all 23 students and their mothers to a celebration dinner. Each mother was honored with a gift made by their child. 

Maria spent hours making decorations and cooking to show each lady how special she in to her family. In Honduras, too often, women are seen as sex objects that are only good for making babies, cooking food and cleaning the house,

Some of our friends helped serve the food. One lady commented at how rare it was to see men serving women. I was proud to serve my wife and the other ladies.


We are training our young men to honor the young ladies,

God bless each of you who helped make
things like this happen here in Honduras.

Church Ministries

We are called to share the gospel and make disciples. God is using our Sunday School program to help our participating churches in fulfilling the great commission. 23 churches are using our lessons. Our goal is to teach the children and youth to walk with God. Recently, one church baptized 6 new believers.


We are partners with Iglesia Cristiana de una Esperanza Templo 1 & 2.
They have planted two new churches in the last 8 months. Templo 4 is in San Marcos, a remote village in the mountains. They community doesn't have a local church. We found that most of the children had never heard of Jesus. The first service had 60 in attendance. Because, we don't have a pastor, we go every other Saturday. The next week, over 100 people came and 65 were saved. Last service, almost 200 came to hear the gospel.

God has provided land so that construction can start soon. 


This place is full of people gathered to hear the good news. Children gather on the outer part of the property to hear a Bible lesson and memorize Scripture.

Pastor Noe lead his youth group to memorize scripture.

60 kids participated in a 3 day memory contest. All 60 memorized 20 verses each. That is 1,200 verses that are hidden in their hearts.


Missions giving is critically important because it enables us to do so much to reach our community. Almost everyday, we host some one at our home. Most of the time, we provide a meal. Every Saturday, we feed about 50 hungry kids. We feed them both spiritually and physically.


As we expand to the San Marcos village, there are many challenges. Pray that God will raise up a pastor who can move to the area. We need to purchase the land where we meet. Then, we need a building to protect the people from the weather. Rainy season will be here soon. Will you prayerfully ask God how you should help? If you are able to help, click the "Give Now" button. Make sure that you designate Templo 4.

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