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Half of the children we minister to live in a home without a father. For many, the word "father" has a negative connotation. Often men like to make babies and then abandon the mother and child.

We are teaching about a Father who will never leave them nor forsake them.

La Ceiba, Atlantida

School Outreach

Before Covid hit, we were in 14 schools with over 3,500 students. Overnight, this ministry died. 

School Are Open!

Our daughter, Katerine is the director of a school near us. She told us that almost all of the 100 students come to school hungry. Their families are poor and there is no food in their homes.

This is heartbreaking and God has led us to start an after-school feeding program. School is out at noon and we will be providing food for these hungry children. Feeding 100 children 5 days a week is expensive and we don't have the money to do this. But our Father does - He uses God's people to fund His work. Will you prayerfully consider becoming a partner in this project?

In Honduras, there is no welfare program for the needy.

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Our Focus - The Gospel


As you can see from the chart - 84% of those who receive Christ do so before age 20. With nearly 40% of the population in Honduras under the age of 15, we have a tremendous opportunity before us.

When Covid hit Honduras, everything shut down.

All the schools closed, opportunities were limited so we had to become creative and find new ways to reach others.  LOOK BELOW.

Sunday School Teacher Training

Each participating church receives materials, crafts, and lessons. Each month, the teachers come for training and fellowship. We have 8 churches and over 300 children in attendance.

Children at learning to walk with Jesus.

Kids on Saturday Outreach

Each Saturday, children come to the Discipleship center for a time of worship, Bible study, and discipleship. They come with empty stomachs and leave full.

Community Outreach

Covid has devastated our community. 65% of the population lives in poverty. Each year, we raise funds to provide food bags for the neediest in our community. Give Now 

This past Christmas, over 200 families received food baskets. 

When Opportunities Knock

Jesus told us to go, preach the gospel and make disciples. We ask God to make us sensitive to Holy Spirit's leading.   Your gifts provide us with the resources we need.   We have lots of God's stories.
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